Our Popcorn

KK developed her mouthwatering gourmet chocolate covered caramel corn recipe in the summer of 2005. After two years of making yummy popcorn for friends and family, it was clear that the best way to feed the growing popcorn addiction was make it available to everyone. She decided to form a company and go public with her delicious confection. KK and her parents, Eva (a tax accountant) and Arden (a marketing executive) formed KK’s Gourmet LLC and began to spread the good word. “Just try it and you’ll find that you have to have more.”

We are working on developing other products, but frankly any new item will have to elicit the same response when people eat it for the first time. Seriously, upon having the first bite of our treat, people make “the face”. You know what we mean, pure bliss, followed by an “MMM, this is amazing. I need more.” This scene is happening all over the country.

In addition to on-line sales, we have filled orders for large corporate meetings, business holiday gifts, wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, custom gift baskets, teacher appreciation gifts, birthday parties, and other special occasions.

Those who have been fortunate enough to receive the popcorn as a gift find themselves ordering more to satisfy their sweet tooth. There is nothing else like KK’s Gourmet Popcorn.