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Q: From Grace in Washington

"I bought some popcorn to share with my family for Thanksgiving. When it arrived, I put it away in the cupboard for the next day. On Thanksgiving Day, it was no where to be found and no one knew anything about where it had gone. I had to apologize profusely to my children because I had told them about this wonderful treat and I didn’t know what had happened to it. Later that weekend, as I was putting my husband’s laundry away, I found the bag with the last remnants of the candy, stuffed in the very back of his sock drawer. When I confronted him all he could do was smile. And this from a man who usually doesn’t like sweets, he obviously has a KK’s addiction."

Q: From Lisa in Washington

"I took some KK’s Gourmet Popcorn to a party last summer. It was the hit of the party. I ended up having to make up little bags of the treat for people to take home. They just couldn’t get enough of it. The look on their faces when they first tasted it told the whole story."

Q: From Todd and Tiffany in Washington

"I had KK’s Gourmet do the favors for our wedding. They did such a wonderful job. They were able to really make the treat go with the theme of our wedding and even added a picture of the two of us as a keepsake for our guests."

Q: From Jenny in Virginia

"When I received my holiday tin from one of our best vendors, I thought it would be like lots of other treats I’ve received as gifts. I couldn’t believe how fresh and delicious the KK’s was. The chocolate just melts on my tongue. It’s the best and I love it."

Q: From Dave in California

"My wife was so surprised that I had chosen chocolate popcorn as a gift for her. She’s addicted now and this is my third order."

Q: From Amanda in Florida

"Okay, we got your popcorn treat today in the mail and I want to know the truth. Is the secret ingredient addictive? Because I want more! That was SO YUMMY! (I almost didn't share with Dave) Thank you so much, we both really loved it."

Q: From Ryan in Kentucky

"Can I get the recipe? On second thought, just send more."

Q: From Rosie in Washington

"My girlfriend got KK’s as the favor for my baby shower. Using small blue bags, they even had drizzles of blue throughout the popcorn to honor my baby boy. It was so cute as a display and wonderful to eat. Everyone loved it and it was so easy."

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