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You Never Know How It Will Affect People...

We get emails all the time from people that want to tell us their "KK's Story". Sometimes the stories are too good for us not to share. This is one of those times... "I wanted to pass along this story. A couple of weeks ago we had a friend stay with us. This guy is a classic Boston born, fast-talking, energy level up the kazoo, nothing phases type of personality. So, we're sitting at the table listening to the latest stories he has for us and I brought out the sample of your popcorn and put it in a bowl on the table. No biggie, right? Well, after popping a couple pieces in his mouth (while still talking) our buddy stops mid-sentence and says "holy crap, this is awesome". Totally unsolicited. Just thought you should know you stopped him dead in his tracks. Something I've not seen before!" I know there are more of these stories out there. Please email them to me at kksgourmet@comcast.net. We love reading them!! And who knows, maybe your "KK's Story" will be the next one we post! KK
  • Posted on   12/09/09 at 09:28:59 PM   by Karen  | 
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