Our Story

The KK’s Gourmet Story

KK’s Gourmet LLC is a locally owned and operated candy company that makes the most incredible chocolate covered caramel corn you’ll ever have.  It is to die for.  It is a handmade treat, created with love in our own commercial kitchen at our home in Carnation, Washington.

How it began:

It was a dark and stormy night in the winter of 2007.  Eva was driving home from her last tax appointment of the evening when she got a phone call from her daughter Karen (or KK as her family calls her).  KK had had another one of those days at work.  She hated her job, she hated her boss, and she just wanted to do something more.  Not knowing what “more” was, she called her Mom. Eva had spent the last 26 years building a private tax practice. She spent hours giving business and personal advice to her tax clients and had tried to give KK advice in the past, so actually having KK seek her out was not totally unexpected. As she listened to Karen’s desire to do something different, something more, a light bulb went off. “KK, what if you started selling your popcorn?” And so it all began. With the help of Arden, Eva’s husband and Karen’s dad, they developed a business plan. Arden had spent his career as a Marketing Executive selling various products. With his expertise as well as Eva’s business planning and accounting background, they launched KK’s Gourmet LLC in the Fall of 2007.

The KK’s team:

Karen Linn (aka KK) lives outside Seattle, Washington with her husband Troy. She loves to do crafts, blog, and bake new recipes she finds online. They have a beautiful little girl, a handsome little boy, and a crazy lovable dog named Kaiser. And yes he thinks he is a human.

Eva Doherty Gremmert loves to travel with Arden and their adult special needs son Nick.  She is a well known Irish Genealogist. And because she is a Granny she spends all of her spare time knitting sweaters for her ten grandchildren.

Arden Gremmert is an avid scuba diver and snow skier. He has a great love for puns and dumb jokes. He enjoys boating with his family, discovering great new restaurants, and is fond of a good political debate.  He loves to be wherever Eva is.

Contact info: www.kksgourmet.com